erin explains everything


I've had a Microsoft account for a long time, since back when I worked in Xbox customer support. As an open source nerd, I have no love for them, but since I had some things that would cost money to replace on that account, I kept it alive.

I haven't logged into it since I transitioned. Today, for the first time, I had an excuse to. Some friends have a Minecraft server, and I hadn't touched Minecraft in years. But I was bored, so I thought “eh why not?” Apparently, Minecraft requires a Microsoft account to use now. So I thought “fine, I'll use my old MS account, better than making a new one” and did the account migration.

While I was in there, I figured it would be best to do all the name updates I hadn't done. Changing the name, email, phone number, et al on the parent MS account was easy enough. Same with the Xbox account, where most of the aforementioned purchases lived. But then I saw my Skype profile.