Colorado Springs

The logical consequences of the exterminationist rhetoric we've been bombarded with over and over again happened today, as we knew it would.

Many who are silent today have blood on their hands. They'll be back tomorrow, “asking questions” and continuing to stoke fear, until the memory of today is overwritten by the next time someone follows their hateful rhetoric to it's logical conclusion.

This will keep happening. The platforms and news outlets which enabled this hate to spread will act shocked today, despite warnings that this is what would happen. They'll continue their policies of turning a blind eye tomorrow. They'll publish more op eds designed specifically to stoke fear and hatred.

Queerphobia sells, and the corporations value profits over our lives.

The GOP, which has made the elimination of queer people from public life a major plank of it's platform, will continue pushing fear and hatred to gain votes and donations. They control one chamber of congress and the highest court. We cannot look to the state to save us.

Mourn today, and organize to defend your community tomorrow. We only have each other.